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DA discusses cold case with Cats

A new initiative is bringing history to life for the Wildcats. District Attorney Marie Broder helped kick off the new “History in the Wild” series at Whitewater High with a deep dive into a cold case.

Hosted by the school’s Social Studies National Honor Society (SSNHS), DA Broder made a presentation about a cold case she prosecuted several years ago, explaining the specifics of the case and how the culprit was brought to justice. She also took questions from students about life as a district attorney. 

Club sponsor Kerry Moore designed the History in the Wild series to show students that social studies can be used outside of the classroom. The speakers they will bring in all have careers in fields related to social studies.

More than 50 students attended the first session.

“I hope the students saw that District Attorney Broder made her love of history into something good and useful in the world,” said Moore.


Posted 2/9/2024