Welcome to the Media Center

  • Ebook Websites:


    • We have purchased a subscription to the Tumblebooks ebook website. The site is www.tumblebooks.com and is also located on the KES Media Center Links in ClassLink.

    • We have also purchased BookFlix. The site is http://bkflix.grolier.com is also located on the KES Media Center Links in ClassLink.

    • Usernames and Passwords are also located on the KES Media Center Links in ClassLink. 


    Other Useful Sites:


    Another useful site is AR Bookfinder. You can search for book titles based on authors, titles, or topics. This site will tell you the reading level of the book and the possible points. The site is www.arbookfind.com.


    Destiny is our online media catalog, which may be accessed from home. Click this link to access our Destiny site.


    Herald Square - or the Library Media Center - provides a number of activities for children at Kedron. Not only do we provide book checkouts, but we also offer opportunities for research, internet activities, and multimedia searches, plus story time, Accelerated Reader, and STAR testing--both math and reading.


    The Media Center is open throughout the school day for multiple activities. Classes may also be scheduled for research, library skill instruction, and book checkout by teachers.


    The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is an important facet of the media literacy program at Kedron. At the beginning of the year, students take a reading assessment such as STAR (Standardized Test for Assessment and Reporting), STAR Early Literacy, or RI (Reading inventory) to help determine their reading level. The test used varies depending on grade level. Using the scores from the reading assessment, the teacher then conferences with each student to establish a yearlong goal for the student defined in points. Students then select books on their own reading level, read the book at their own pace, and then take a short computerized quiz on that book. Books have an AR point value assigned to them with the more difficult books commanding more points. The book point value earned is determined by the correct number of questions answered. In-game format, the Accelerated Reader program tabulates points throughout the year for each student. The goal is to get the most points with the greatest percentage accuracy on the tests and read within a reading range expressed in grade levels that encourages reading growth.


    As students read and test, they will accumulate points. They are recognized at three different intervals during the journey to their goal. When they reach 25% of their goal, they will be photographed and have a button made with their picture. The button will be hung outside of the Media Center on the first banner Bronze Medal Reader. Students will move to the second banner Silver Medal Reader when they reach 50% of their goal. When students achieve their goal, their button will be moved to the Gold Medal Reader banner. Students are then invited to appear on WKKB, our morning news broadcast, to be recognized by the whole school. Parents are invited to bring them to school and stay to watch them accept their medal on the broadcast.


    AR testing can only be done at school. Your student will be given several opportunities in the classroom to test. You will also be receiving a Renaissance Home Connect letter that is unique to your child as it contains a username and password for him/her. I encourage you to sign up for the emails that are sent when your student tests. The email will tell you the title of the book, percentage correct, and points earned. This will allow you to help your child stay on track to reach his/her goal by early May.