After School Program

  • Overview and Philosophy of Kedron ASP Program

    The Kedron Elementary ASP is offered by the Fayette County School System. The ASP is located on the grounds of Kedron Elementary, and is administered by a staff dedicated to providing many opportunities for children to have fun after school, as well as to learn life skills and finish their homework. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents who want to ensure their children are in a safe, fun, and loving environment until their parents return from work, errands, or appointments. The safety and well-being of participating children is the top priority.

    A Typical Day at Kedron ASP

    After participating children finish their regular school day, they are the first children to leave their classrooms. All children that are signed up for the program on that day are accounted for before the buses are allowed to leave. This is an effective safety precaution to prevent any miscommunications regarding the children’s expected location for that day. After the children are checked-in and accounted for they are provided a nutritious snack and drink, and then they are allowed to choose the activities in which they want to participate. Children are also provided the opportunity after their snack to do their homework in a quiet, supervised study hall room. This is very popular with the parents and the children. Each activity is supervised by staff personnel with a ratio of 15 to 20 children per staff member.

    The following activities are examples of the types of opportunities all children are provided:

    • Game Room: The Game Room is a very popular place for all age groups. Children play a variety of games that encourage friendship, sharing and imagination. Here children can play a board game, build with the many different Lego and block sets, role play with the housekeeping and dress up toys and much more.
    • Arts & Crafts: Here the children make wonderful crafts and share lots of laughs. Our staff always has a variety of different and exciting planned arts and crafts activities. Examples of activities include making magnets, simple jewelry, ornaments, sponge painting, and water color. The staff also tailors crafts to relate to the seasons of the year. These activities are not only fun, but also allow children to use their imagination while building their self-esteem and confidence. Children typically can’t wait to show their parents their creations.
    • Gym: Gym activities allow children to participate in organized games under the supervision and guidance our staff. Activities are structured by age groups, which facilitates equal competition and team work in a relatively non-competitive, fun environment. Everyone is a winner here. Games include basketball, indoor version of tee-ball, capture the flag, jump rope, indoor bowling, hula-hoop, and dodge ball, to name a few. These activities contribute to the children’s over-all physical fitness, allow them to burn-off energy, and contribute to their ability to learn to get along with others while working toward a common goal.
    • Outdoor Play: Weather permitting, there is a wonderful playground and open play area located immediately behind the school where children have loads of fun. The playground provides an ideal environment for children to play sports, such as basketball, touch football, soccer, kickball, and baseball. They also play tag, and play on the ample playground equipment, such as slides, swings etc. Additionally, they can fly kites, blow bubbles, have outdoor chalk for games and creative sidewalk art, and other outdoor play limited only by their imagination and safety precautions.
    • Tech Lab:Use of ASP Chromebooks, where students get to explore fun games and educational websites.

    A brochure explaining the special classes is available at the ASP office.


    Registration for the ASP program is easy. Parents simply need to visit the ASP office at Kedron Elementary and pay the registration fee. Parents will be provided an ASP student handbook which explains rules, policies, and payment procedures.

    Staff Organization

    Please see the Fayette County After School Program site for information.


    Hours. 2:30pm to 6:30pm during the school week.


    You may call the ASP Office at 770-487-0718 if you have any questions, or would like to schedule a tour to see the fun first-hand.


    Please see the Fayette County After School Program site for information.