• Certificate of Attendance – Student fills out certificate and can come back to pick it up in 2 days. The cost is $2.00 for notarization.

    Work permit – Student may obtain a data sheet from the attendance office. There is a section for the student to complete and a section that must be completed by the employer. The information is reported on the Georgia Department of Labor website. Please allow 24 hours for completion of your work permit. Students may come to the attendance office before school, during lunch, or immediately after school. Students may begin the application process online by going to the Georgia Department of Labor website. Click HERE to access the State site and follow the links for Individuals.

    Absence Notes - Excuse notes from parent/doctor must be turned in to the attendance office within 3 days of the absence in order for the absence to be excused. See handbook for list of excused absences.

    Same Day Check-out/Check-in - Students who check out and back in the same day to go to doctor/dentist must bring in a doctor’s note when they return. This is considered as one occurrence.

    Check-out/Student Drivers - Students driving who wish to check out must bring a signed note from parent to the office in the morning with a contact phone number or have a parent fax a note giving permission to check out. A student may not leave campus until the attendance secretary has spoken to a parent/guardian.You can fax your note to 770-716-3977.

    Check-out/Parent Pickup - Students checking out early who are being picked up by a parent are not required to have a note from the parent. The student will be called from the classroom when the parent arrives.

    Exam exemption for attendance - Students may have up to 5 occurrences per semester to exempt exams for attendance. This would include excused or unexcused absences, check ins or check outs.
    Questions? You can email questions to Notes for absences and check outs are not accepted over email.

    Certificate of Attendance/ADAP (Alcohol Drug Awareness Program) - Students will need one or perhaps both of these documents to receive their driver's permit or license.The Certificate of Attendance costs the student $2.00 and requires a two-day time period to complete. Click HERE to print the DS-1 (Certificate of Attendance). The student fills out only the top portion of the form (Part A). The form must be completed in blue or black ink and must be free of errors. You must use your full legal name. Students may come to the attendance office before school, during lunch, or immediately after school.

    College Visit Forms - College visit forms are to be completed by juniors and seniors prior to the planned visit.
    You may go to the form by clicking HERE. Students may come to the attendance office before school, during lunch, or immediately after school to turn in their forms.

    You may direct any questions regarding these forms to Nancy Griffin by either calling 770/460-3935 x128 or by emailing