After School Program

  • Overview and Philosophy of Braelinn ASP Program
    The Braelinn Elementary ASP is offered by the Fayette County School System. The mission of Fayette County’s After School Program is to enhance the lives of students within a safe environment. Here at Braelinn, this mission holds true. The staff is dedicated to providing the children with enriching activities that help them develop life skills. The ASP is a wonderful opportunity for parents who desire a loving and fun environment for their children until their return from work. Our top priority here at Braelinn ASP is the safety and well-being of children participating in our program.

    Our Braelinn Staff
    The Braelinn ASP staff consists of caring and dedicated professionals. The On-Site Coordinator works with other staff members to create an efficient program that fosters a loving environment for each child.

    A Typical Day at Braelinn ASP
    All children signed up for ASP arrive at the cafeteria for check in. Each grade level is assigned a table. All staff members check their students in within the first seven minutes after school ends. The ASP strives to achieve this goal so that we can ensure all children are where they need to be before the buses leave school grounds. When all children have been checked-in, they are treated to a delicious snack and drink. Our ratio in the ASP is 15:1. We feel this ratio helps to maintain a close, watchful eye on each child. Before each grade is released to their activities, they are given an opportunity to do their homework. The art teacher here at Braelinn monitors and helps all children with their work. After each child finishes his or her homework, they are allowed to participate in a supervised activity.

    Children may participate in the following opportunities:

    Arts and Crafts: Children participate in creative crafts that provide enjoyment and a good laugh. Many staff members enjoy doing crafts, so there is a wide variety of the kinds of crafts that we do. Examples of activities include making caterpillar magnets, crepe paper trees, bead jewelry, ornaments and paintings. The staff also ties crafts into the different seasons and holidays throughout the year. These activities are fun and allow children to gain confidence in their everyday life.

    Gym: The gym is an environment where children can participate in games that are supervised by our staff. Activities vary depending on the age group with which the staff is working. Fair competition is crucial at this stage in every child’s life. Teamwork is also a skill that every child needs to develop at a young age. All of the activities that are led by our staff incorporate these skills. A sampling of our games includes squirrels and trees, basketball, capture the flag, jump rope, parachuting, and 4 Squares.

    Outdoor Play: Braelinn ASP has use of the playscape, blacktop, and fields located in areas around the outside of the school. The children have opportunities to play basketball, soccer, tag and many more games. The children can also go outside to jump rope, write with sidewalk chalk, play with our Matchbox cars, blow bubbles, and any other creative activities our staff can invent.


    Information for ASP Registration will be available in April.

    Hours & Cost

    The hours are 2:30-6:30 p.m. Monday-Friday during regular school days. Click here for fee information.

    Please note the late fee for parents who do not pick up their children by 6:30 p.m.

    Contact Us

    You can contact the Braelinn After School Program at 770-487-3947.