ASP Fee Schedule

  • 2018-19 Fee Schedule:

    Annual Registration Fee $50 Due prior to attending; 1st week's fees must be submitted to ASP by August 'Open House.'
    Reserve Fee (weekly) $55 Must submit in completed envelope with payment to ASP by Friday prior to attending
    Non-reserve Fee (weekly) $80 Applies when payment is not submitted to ASP by Friday prior to attending
    Reserve Extracurricular $10 Applicable for registered students ONLY (for days attending ARM and/or school sponsored club). Space must be reserved with completed envelope and payment directly to ASP by Friday prior to attending.  If not reserved, emergency rates apply.
    Late Pick-up Fees Varies 6:30 pm to parent arrival  $5/minute/child
    Emergency - 1st $20 $5/hour up to $20 (rate applies 1 day 1 time only)
    Emergency - 2nd Varies Registration fee + Emergency hourly rate
    Emergency - 3rd & up $80 Non-reserve fee; covers days in same week only (pending space availability).
    Online Payments:   Weekly Tuition only; payment must be made before Sunday at midnight prior to the week of attendance; payment must be applied to the correct week


    (NO credits, refunds, banked days, or “carry-overs”)


    Fayette County Public Schools' After School Program reserves the right to change this fee schedule

    with appropriate notice.

    All fees are due at time of occurrence unless otherwise noted.