ASP Fee Schedule

  • Annual Registration Fee $50 Due prior to attending; 1st week's fees must be submitted to ASP by August 'Open House.'
    Reserve Fee (weekly) $55 Must submit in completed envelope with payment to ASP by Friday prior to attending
    Non-reserve Fee (weekly) $80 Applies when payment is not submitted to ASP by Friday prior to attending
    Reserve Extracurricular $10 Applicable for registered students ONLY (for days attending ARM and/or school sponsored club). Space must be reserved with completed envelope and payment directly to ASP by Friday prior to attending.  If not reserved, emergency rates apply.
    Late Pick-up Fees Varies 6:30 pm to parent arrival  $5/minute/child
    Emergency - 1st $20 $5/hour up to $20 (rate applies 1 day 1 time only)
    Emergency - 2nd Varies Registration fee + Emergency hourly rate
    Emergency - 3rd & up $80 Non-reserve fee; covers days in same week only (pending space availability).
    Online Payments:   Weekly Tuition only; payment must be made before Sunday at midnight prior to the week of attendance; payment must be applied to the correct week


    (NO credits, refunds, banked days, or “carryovers”)


    Fayette County Public Schools' After School Program reserves the right
    to change this fee schedule with appropriate notice.

    All fees are due at time of occurrence unless otherwise noted.