Homebound Program

  • The Georgia Board of Education recognizes its responsibility, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide a public education program for students who have a medically-diagnosed physical condition that restricts them to a hospital or home for a period of time that will significantly interfere with their education.


    A student is eligible for homebound instruction if he/she will be absent at least 2 weeks from school due to injuries, illnesses or emotional problems.  A referral form must be completed and returned to the school prior to the beginning of homebound instruction.  Referral forms are available from your child's school office.  A certified teacher will provide instruction for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

    Students are not eligible for hospital/homebound instructional services if the absence is due to communicable disease, pregnancy not requiring abnormal restriction of activities as prescribed by a licensed physician, if the illness does not confine them to a facility or if such services are not specified in the individualized education program (IEP) of a special education student.

    Instructional services can be offered in a home or hospital setting.  An adult must be present during the entire home instructional period.  If a student is ambulatory, homebound instruction will be provided at the LaFayette Educational Center.

    For the purposes of counting attendance, the student will be counted present if instructional services are provided for three hours per week.

    Please read the following information carefully:

    Your cooperation is important.

    • If instruction is provided in the home, a parent or responsible adult must be at home the entire time that the instructor is in the home.
    • Arrange to get assignments and books from the school prior to the first visit with the homebound instructor, immediately after the last day of school attendance.
    • If instruction is provided in the home, prepare a clean, comfortable, well-lighted place for the child and instructor to work, away from family activity, if possible.
    • Please ensure the student is prepared for instruction.
    • The student is responsible for completing all assignments.
    • Notify the homebound instructor in advance if the student is unable to receive instruction at the scheduled time and arrange for a make-up session if possible.
    • Arrange for the physician to re-evaluate the student if instruction is necessary beyond the expiration date, and at intervals at a minimum of every four weeks.
    • A separate set of guidelines (in addition to these) is required for psychiatric/emotional cases.
    • Students will not be employed outside the home or participate in any extra-curricular activities while receiving homebound services.

Homebound Instructors

  • Homebound Services: Instruction will be set up for 3 hours per week at the LaFayette Educational Center. If the medical certification form specifies that the student is non-ambulatory, homebound instruction will be provided in the home, and an adult must be present.

    Please reach our Homebound Instructors by phone at
    770-460-3990, ext. 1112 or 1113 

    Ms. Nancy Close 
    Dr. Atiya Parson 
    Ms. Charlotte Robinson
    Ms. Susan Walton