Technology and Digital Services

  • The department’s primary objective is to optimize the efficiency of all school system functions through the utilization of technological services. Technology Services is responsible for maintaining and securing the network infrastructure and software applications that support 24 schools, the Fayette Life Academy, the Center of Innovation, the LaFayette Education Center, and other auxiliary buildings. 

    1:1 Program and Connected Classroom

    In 2017, Fayette County Public Schools implemented the 1:1 technology program, assigning Chromebooks to every student in grades 2 to 12, similar to a textbook. Kindergarten and 1st grade students may also use Chromebooks while in the classroom. Our teachers utilize Connected Classroom technology to enhance instruction and learning. Additionally, all of our classrooms are equipped with touchscreen technology, creating an interactive learning environment. To ensure the optimal learning experience, Technology Services manages a rolling refresh plan that replaces outdated technology. 

    Since the implementation of this program, we no longer allow students to bring their own devices to school (BYOD). Student personal devices do not have the required filters in place that our Chromebooks have. With the increased concerns around cyber security and data protection, we no longer support BYOD. 

    Internet and CIPA

    To prevent access to inappropriate content on the Internet, Technology Services adheres to the protection measures outlined in the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000. Additionally, we manage compliance with CIPA and oversee eligibility for E-Rate funding.

    Technical Support

    Technology Services provides full support for the 1:1 program and Connected Classroom experience by providing basic troubleshooting training to our school-level technology specialists, and training district field technicians to support them.

    Information Systems and Data Governance

    The Information Systems team is responsible for managing critical platforms, including the student information system (SIS) and other systems that integrate and utilize data. Additionally, they provide role-based access for account provisioning within these systems. The Data Governance Council is also led by the Information Systems team. Technology Services employs various methods, such as video training modules, awareness campaigns, and completion certificates, to educate and train all employees on practicing cyber-safety, cyber-hygiene, and data privacy best practices. 

    Network Infrastructure

    To ensure optimal efficiency, the networking team continually monitors the network infrastructure and speeds across all schools and departments. In addition, they utilize state-of-the-art defense systems to safeguard the network against cyber threats.



  • Jim Farmer
    Chief Technology Officer

    Matt Jackson
    Coordinator of Digital & Media Services  

    205 LaFayette Avenue
    Fayetteville GA 30214
    770-460-3535 x6018