Technology Services Overview

  • Technology Services is responsible for securing and maintaining the network infrastructure that supports 26 schools, the LaFayette Education Center, and the Board of Education building.

    The Fayette County Public School's Technology Services department's strategic direction is to apply information technology in each school and county office department, to improve the effectiveness and quality of instruction as well as increase the efficiency of administrative operations.

    The strategic goal is to utilize technological services for the efficient operation of all functions of the school system.

    • The Technology Services Director is responsible for planning, coordinating, and facilitating the district's acquisition and utilization of administrative and educational software and hardware systems.
    • Development and recommendation of long- and short-range goals for the design and implementation of the district's technology program.
    • Design, recommend and implement a program for the optimal integration of current computer, multimedia, and other electronic technologies into the district's daily instructional and administrative operations.
    • Research and recommend technology products, and sources of funding or other assistance, which will optimally implement the district's technology program.
    • In conjunction with other district staff members, research and recommend technology products that will enhance the quality of education provided by the district's instructional staff, enhance the quality of student support provided by the district's other professional staff, and/or improve the ability of the district's professional staff to collect, analyze and record student information.
    • In conjunction with other district staff members, research and recommend technology products and architectures which will enhance the quality of administrative services (e.g. data processing, budget, payroll, personnel, office work) provided by district staff members.
    • Monitor and direct the selection and acquisition of software and other media throughout the district.
    • In conjunction with other district staff members, we develop and implement an effective district-wide in-service training program that will enable certificated and non-certificated staff members to effectively utilize current district technology products.
    • Direct, oversee and annually evaluate the performance of the Technology Department staff.
    • Provide in-service training and/or other professional development opportunities which ensure that the members of the Technology Department staff maintain current levels of knowledge and skill relevant to their job responsibilities.




  • Jim Farmer
    Chief Technology Officer
    205 LaFayette Avenue, VoTech Bldg.
    Fayetteville GA 30214
    770-460-3990 x6018