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    Horizon Academy

    Formerly known as the Alternative Education Program, Horizon Academy serves the needs of students who benefit from nontraditional modes of learning and structured learning environments. Using mastery-based instruction in a blended learning environment, students are allowed to excel at their own rate and empowered to take responsibility for their own learning. Because of the instructional model at Horizon Academy, teachers are allowed to work individually with students, and students are able to reclaim lost credit that will help them graduate on time and become career and college ready. 

    The goals of Horizon Academy are:

    • To help each student realize the significance of their situation and develop strategies for completing their education
    • To construct an individualized study plan for each student to be completed on a self-paced basis
    • To provide students, teachers and administrators a safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning
    • To assist students in the transition back into the traditional school