About Fayette Virtual Academy

  • Fayette Virtual Academy is an innovative full-time virtual program for 10th-12th grade students who reside in the Fayette County School District. FVA is a selective, admissions-based program targeting intrinsically motivated, independent learners.  FVA uses two avenues to deliver courses to students: Schoology based courses developed and facilitated by Fayette County teachers and Georgia Virtual courses facilitated by teachers working for the state's online Georgia Virtual School. FVA provides a flexible learning opportunity where courses are asynchronous. Students have weekly deadlines for Schoology based courses and daily deadlines for GA Virtual based courses. Students are required to report to campus for End of Course tests, and other required state testing. While FVA does offer a pathway of rigor to high school graduation, due to the smaller size and nature of the program, FVA course offerings are extremely limited. Students enrolled in Fayette Virtual Academy are eligible to participate in after-school extra-curricular activities at their base high school.  Admission to Fayette Virtual Academy is application based and eligibility requirements include:

    • Current or eligible Fayette County student
    • Student promoted to an appropriate grade level and on track for graduation
    • 3.0 or higher GPA
    • Cannot have failed 2 courses in prior semester

    ***Admission preference will be given to students with 10 or fewer unexcused absences in the prior semester.

    For the FVA admission application, visit the Fayette Virtual Academy Admissions section of our website.

    FVA Staff