About the ASP

  • The After School Program (ASP) is a non-profit program funded by parent-paid tuition. Program locations and size will be based on the number of students pre-registered. By pre-registering, families allow for the After School Program to make the most accurate determination and use of resources for the year. The Fayette County After School Program reserves the right to freeze student ASP enrollment at any or all sites to ensure that the best quality of care is provided.  If an individual site’s enrollment drops below 25 students for three months, the Fayette County After School Program may alter, move or close the program at that site.  We reserve the right to increase tuition should expenses exceed income. Should either of these become necessary, parents will receive a minimum of a thirty-day notice.

    Enrollment Policies 

    • Students must be enrolled in grades K- 5 in the Fayette County School System to be eligible to attend the After School Program.
    • Each site will have an enrollment cap based on the number of students it can safely accommodate.
    • Sites will maintain a waiting list once the program enrollment cap is reached.
    • The complete application must be returned to ASP Site Office with $100 non-refundable registration fee, per school year, before your child can attend.
    • First week of school: completed payment envelope must be submitted to ASP Site Office by the end of August Open House.

    Students who are currently active in our ASP programs can pre-register during pre-registration in the spring of each school year to guarantee space for the following year. Once families have paid the non-refundable pre-registration fee for the next school year, they must remain active by paying ASP tuition through the end of the current school year. If families withdraw their students after paying this pre-registration fee, they will forfeit their spot for the upcoming school year and will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list for that year. 

    Steps to Pre-register:

    1. Complete ASP application and payment envelope.
    2. Enclose non-refundable pre-registration fee of $100
    3. Give completed application with pre-registration payment to ASP at your child’s school by the advertised deadline.

    Students who are not currently active in our After School Program can sign up to be entered into the lottery during the pre-registration dates each spring. Lottery drawings will take place in the spring for the following school year. Students on the waiting list must sign up for the lottery each year.

    Steps to be entered in the lottery drawing:

    1. Call or email your school's After School Program site coordinator to have your student entered in the lottery drawing.
    2. Students who receive a spot during the lottery will be required to pay for registration and complete paperwork by the end of the school year. Failure to pay will result in your student being moved to the bottom of the waiting list.
    3. Students will be placed on the waiting list in the order they are drawn during the lottery. 

    Students who are not currently active in our ASP programs and do not sign up for the lottery may be added to the waiting list during the school year by calling the school’s After School Program site coordinator.