• After School Program

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    Mission Statement

    "Enhance Students' Lives Within A Safe, Fun and Nurturing Environment"


    The Fayette County After School Program's purpose is to provide children with quality after school supervision in a safe environment by enriching their lives through creative play, exploration and hands-on learning activities while enhancing their quality of life in partnership with their families, their school, and their community. The intent is to provide a safe, relaxed, and stimulating environment for children who are able to meaningfully participate in a variety of planned activities between the end of school each day up to 6:30 p.m.



    The Fayette County After School Program's philosophy contends that activities of children during out-of-school-time can be as important to their growth and development as the time they spend in the classroom. During those non-school hours, children who are able to meaningfully participate have opportunities to choose from a variety of enriching activities, allowing them to explore new fields of interest while engaging in hands-on activities and discovery play. These activities are designed to support and expand the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills experienced in school.


    About The Program

    Burch Elementary After School Program is an affordable, safe option that engages children in a wide variety of fun and creative activities such as arts/crafts, fun games, creative cooking, supervised outdoor/gym play, homework assistance, science station, computer enrichment, and Burch's extracurricular club participation(Chorus, Science, and other clubs).



    Burch's ASP partners with Sandy Creek High School and offers the Hi-Team Mentor Program for students. It is a great way for teens to share their experiences and to be a positive influence on grade school-age children. It also provides a unique opportunity for the students from SCHS to volunteer by helping with homework, teaching a foreign language, socialization, and give back to the community.



    Our After School Program is not only a great alternative to daycare and a safer option than entering a home alone, but it also gives parents a peace of mind. It has also been shown to improve social skills, achievement, and promote a better attitude toward school.


    Program Operation and Hours

    End of the school day until 6:30 p.m. on days that Fayette County Schools are open. Please see the Fayette County School Calendar for student holidays www.fcboe.org.

    For more information about our program go www.fcboe.org and please feel free to contact us by phone or email.