About Robert J. Burch Elementary School

  • Who are we at Robert J. Burch Elementary School?

    I invite you to take a peek inside… Upon entering the front doors, you will see excited, joyful faces swapping ideas, supporting each other and complimenting our work. You can hear the quick footsteps as the busy faces move about the building, preparing for the day ahead. In the distance, a bell rings. Suddenly, throngs of eager and curious faces push through the bus loop doors and move through the hallways. Each face shows individuality, diversity and culture. While no two faces are the same, you can feel the camaraderie, and the oneness in the crowd. Very soon, the day is bursting at the seams with rigorous learning and activities. When the day is completed, and the children have gone home, you again will see excited, joyful faces who are swapping ideas, supporting each other and complimenting the work. We are family at Robert J. Burch Elementary.

    We are diverse students; we are role models and caretakers; we are educators and facilitators; we are business persons, doctors, laborers and more. We are students of cultural, ethnic, social and economic diversity. That makes our school interesting, unique and rich. Our parents are as diverse as our students, but are unified by their common goals, dreams, and expectations for their children. They support the school community and have confidence in the education that is provided to their children. Faculty and staff members are dedicated to our students. We know when our students meet or exceed levels of success set for them, there has been an academic story behind that success.

    We at Robert J. Burch Elementary School — administration, teachers, counselors, media specialists, school staff, and parents — are all stakeholders in this knowledge marketplace, supporting and providing a positive learning environment for our children. Students in today’s world are seeking access to information and learning when they need it, versus when a “scope and sequence” demands it. Yes, education in our world today has changed. We are learning more about one another, our history, our background and our culture. As educators, we need the respect, support and empowerment that will help us improve the human condition, not just the traditional academics.

    When we look very closely at Robert J. Burch… we have many characteristics of a FAMILY. Our family is diverse, but what family isn’t? Families may not always be diverse in their ethnicity or religion, but certainly in personalities. We learn to accept and celebrate our differences. The Burch family is dedicated to helping each other reach our full potential. This is evident in many relationships throughout our school from teacher/student to administration/teacher. The Burch family is determined. Many people here go to great lengths to ensure the success of others. We set high standards and expect others to rise to meet them. We carry each other in our thoughts and in our hearts every day. Isn’t that what a family is all about?

    Our greatest triumph is our students. We seek to empower them and their families to take responsibility for their basic needs and encourage them to work with programs and businesses in the community to help meet those needs if necessary. A team effort…we are people pulling together to help our students. We are people working together to provide our students with the academic and life skills they need to become responsible and productive members of our society.