• Motto:

    Best Effort Always Reaps Success

    Core Values:

    Being Our Personal Best and Being Kind

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of Robert J. Burch Elementary School in partnership with parents and community, is to provide our students with the academic and life skills needed to become responsible and productive members of society.


    Every student has the right, the need, and the ability to experience success.

    Cooperation and respect among the community, students, parents, teachers, and administrators will provide the best educational environment possible

    Character educacation will allow students to recognize that each individual has choices and is responsible for the consequences of those choices.

    High exectations will motivate students to reach their potential.

    Varied instructional approaches will accommodate the diverse educatianal and cultural needs of all students and prepare them for an ever changing global society.

    Students develop best in a safe environment that embodies understanding and respect towards others while recognizing and accepting individual differences.

    All students can become lifelong learners with critical thinking skills that enable them to solve real-life problems.

    The continual use of technology will give students the skills necessary to prepare them for our ever-changing society.