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Crabapple Lane wins Thanksgiving Beanstack Challenge

The Cardinals took first place, but all the readers were big winners when Crabapple Lane Elementary won the 2023 Thanksgiving Beanstack Challenge.

From November 1 through November 30, children were invited to embark on a literary journey that celebrated reading and cultivated a spirit of gratitude. As students read books throughout the month, they logged their pages on Beanstack to earn unique badges. Each badge was a delightful representation of a Thanksgiving dinner component, making reading both fun and festive.

Crabapple Lane was the winner with 193,951 pages read. Inman earned the second highest pages read with 168,131, and Cleveland earned the third highest pages read with 164,862.

In terms of school-wide participation, Cleveland Elementary was tops with 78.14% of Crocodiles taking part. Inman had 76.68% participating, with Huddleston in 3rd at 61.03%.

Overall for the 30-day challenge, 850,555 total pages were logged, 22,423 badges were earned, 421 challenge were completed, and 2,486 students participated.


Posted 12/5/2023