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Panther Nation: Hickey shares passion to make an impact

Sean Hickey is Starr’s Mill through and through. Hickey, a World History and AP Psychology teacher, is a proud Panther who returned home to help mold the future.

Hickey graduated with the charter class of the school and has the distinction of being the first alumnus to come back to the school and teach.

“For me, to be able to mentor the next generation of Panthers, as I was nurtured as a student, is extremely gratifying.”

He went straight into teaching out of college, with a year as a substitute teacher. It reaffirmed his plans to get into education, and it helped him see that high school was the right level for his skill set.

“I was able to see the large possibilities here in Fayette County.”

He’s always found the school to be welcoming.

“So many intellectual, extracurricular, and social opportunities exist here in what I refer to affectionately as ‘Panther Nation’ that it’s not only about the academics, it really is the holistic piece of being a student.”

He wants his students to know they are more than test scores, it’s about learning lessons they can apply to the real world. The end goal is a well-rounded human.

“The abilities to excel are encouraged and enriched by the number of opportunities here,” he said. “It’s trying to produce the whole citizen.”

He also is the long-time sponsor of the Multicultural Club. Students come together to study cultures from the around the world through different lenses, including food and music. It helps new students from around the world feel welcome and appreciated.

“So many of our students have such diverse and rich and interesting stories that it essentially enhances everyone’s experience with the club.”

Hickey is driven to repay the love and energy poured into him by his teachers. Knowing the students are set up for success is what it’s all about.

“I hope every teacher at some point in their career is able to experience the endorphin rush that you receive from knowing that you have made that difference,” said Hickey. “That makes the frustrating days pale in comparison and dim in the rearview because making that difference with that student, that’s what I’ll remember.”


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Posted 12/12/2023