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Braelinn food drive gives back to community

The Stars have been shining even brighter heading into their holiday break. The students of Braelinn Elementary have shown tremendous generosity and compassion through a food drive for the Real Life Center.

Embodying the school's leadership pledge to serve others, the students went above and beyond to make a positive impact in their community. They collected over 4,000 food items, amounting to an impressive total of more than 2,600 pounds of food.

The drive wrote many heartwarming stories of students who understood the impact they could make. One father shared that his son sacrificed part of his Christmas present money to purchase food for the drive. Another student took the initiative to accompany his mother to the grocery store, ensuring that the selections were not only nutritious but also items that kids would genuinely enjoy.

Finn Burrus, a 3rd-grader leader, captured the essence of the food drive.

"Giving is all year round,” said Burrus. “The food we give is a present to those in need. You should help even the ones you do not know."

A special shout-out goes to Dr. Kathy Caldwell's 5th-grade class, who demonstrated exceptional teamwork and dedication by collecting the most items. As a token of recognition, they took home the coveted can food drive trophy.

School counselor Heather Wible, organizer of the food drive, expressed her excitement at the daily influx of donations.

“The enthusiasm and commitment displayed by our students truly turned their learning into action.”

The Braelinn Stars aligned with the true spirit of the season — serving others. Each day they recite the Leader Pledge to serve others, and the collective efforts of the students, families, and staff showcase the power of community and kindness.


Posted 12/18/2023