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Whitewater Middle connects math and community

Whitewater Middle math classes conducted a project aimed at comprehending local poverty through data analysis, putting their results into action with a Toys for Tots drive.

The 8th grade math classes studied poverty in Fayette County since 2013. Through graphing and analyzing trends, students not only refined their math skills but also developed a heightened awareness of the community's challenges.

As a culmination of the practical learning experience, students took the initiative to launch a Toys for Tots campaign, formulating action plans to gather donations for their peers facing hardship. Actively linking their newfound insights to community impact, students spearheaded efforts to collect new toys specifically for middle school-aged children in need.

The comprehensive project deepened their grasp of mathematics and also fostered a sense of community responsibility and empathy.

The project was organized by teachers Julie Patrick, Hannah Kilgore, and Molly Pharr.


Posted 12/18/2023