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Bennett’s Mill’s Jawwaad wins Civics Bee

A group of 20 students competed in the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce National Civics Bee with Bennett’s Mill Middle student Kaden Jawwaad winning 1st place.

The students qualified to compete in the district finals by writing essays addressing a problem in the community and their ideas to solve it. There are three rounds in the bee, with the first two rounds featuring quizzes related to the organization of the government, the US Constitution, and American History.

The top 6 students from those rounds competed in the final round, during which they gave a brief speech about their essays and answered questions from the judges.

Kaden Jawwaad won with Whitewater Middle’s Maddox Green in 2nd and William Sterling in 3rd place. Malikah Lalani, Grace Ogbolu, and Jax Gardner also competed in the final round.

The top finalists will compete in the state bee with the goal of competing in the National Civics Bee. 

The event was organized by the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Fayette County Public Schools.


Posted 4/11/2024