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Governor’s Honors semifinalists named

Fayette County Public Schools recently recognized semifinalists in the 2024 Governor’s Honors Program. The students will move on to the state-level interviews for the Governor's Office of Student Achievement. 

Nomination to the program is a multi-part process beginning at the school system level with an exam in the students’ selected subject area. If students meet the cut-off score, they participate in a county-level interview, which determines the nominees who are invited to complete a state application. The Governor’s Office of Student Achievement selects a limited number of students to interview at the state level. Finalists are selected from this final group.

GHP is a four-week intensive study of undergraduate, graduate, and professional-level coursework, and experience in a given field. Students spend approximately 27 hours a week in highly-advanced classes in their fields, encompassing 20 areas of study. The Governor’s Honors Program is fully-funded by the Georgia General Assembly, so there is no charge for students to attend.


Fayette County High

Nathaly Rangel-Gonzalez - Theatre Performance    

Jesna Thomas - Mathematics

Kaelyn Williams - Theatre Performance

Alyssa Reed - Biology (Environmental)

Elona Patton - Social Studies           

Emmanuel Segun - Engineering Design

Casey Perdew - Computer Science   

Lauren Stradford - Theatre Performance

Nona Howard - Theatre Performance

Matthew Furtch - Theatre Performance

Amariah Bowser - Theatre Performance


McIntosh High

Alejandro Gomez - Communicative Arts

Matthew Chung - Music (Cello)

Christian Jackson - Engineering Programming

Raaga Sundar - Engineering Design

Anika Shah - Biology (Environmental)

Arya Avva - Chemistry

Amaris McAfee - Visual Arts

Alexandria Thompson - Social Studies


Sandy Creek High

Gabrielle Ferguson - Biology (Environmental)

Deisy Anaya Plascencia - Chemistry

Caidan Green - Mathematics

Catherine Brown - Visual Arts

Zariya Johnson - Dance

Glory Victoria Fortuchang - Communicative Arts


Starr’s Mill High

John Bostick - Engineering Programming

Jonah Begley - Engineering (Mechanical/Electrical)

John Odom - Physics

Ryan Murray - Social Studies

Bella Gorman - Chemistry

Ansiba Bakaly - Biology (Environmental)

Courtney McFarlin - Visual Arts

Stanley Dierkes - World Language (Spanish)

Brian Hobmann - Social Studies

Shannon Callaghan - Social Studies

Ella Griswold - Communicative Arts

Caroline Kern - World Language (French)

David Cauble - Mathematics

Seth Manuel - Theatre Performance

Isabelle Stanek - Music (Soprano)

Finn Christensen - Visual Arts

Saivee Chintamaneni - Social Studies

Davina Nguyen - Music (Soprano)

Rosselaira Cruz - Communicative Arts

Isabella Mathews - World Language (Spanish)

Sophia Farinacci - World Language (Spanish)

Vedita Sawhney - Mathematics

Krish Sarin - Computer Science

Sean Lydle - Computer Science

Leonel Gil - Music (Trombone)

Abigail Chung - Music (Violin)

Emilie Chan - Music (Piano)

Charles Votin - Music (Violin)

Kiefer State - Music (Bassoon)

Chinyo Park - Mathematics


Whitewater High

Ava Chandler - Theatre Performance

Carrick Stopford - Computer Science          

Justin Lin - Mathematics

Matthew McClanahan - Social Studies

Jonathan Lin - Chemistry

Emma Lisborg - Biology (Environmental)

Owen Gutierrez - Engineering Design

Benedict Nguyen - Music (Piano)


Posted 2/6/2024