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Booth community empowers young girls

J.C. Booth Middle is making waves with its latest initiative aimed at empowering young girls.

Principal Deb Troutman has embraced the title of “community principal” as she leads the charge to create a supportive environment for female students. The heart of this initiative lies in the second year of the Girls Empowerment Group, a dynamic and inclusive space where a group of young girls come together to support each other, explore their interests, and develop essential skills. The group is designed to provide a platform for self-expression, mentorship, and personal growth. Meetings cover a range of topics, including self-esteem, self-care, art therapy, Pilates, nutrition, leadership skills, and self-defense.

Principal Troutman, known for her dedication to fostering a sense of community within the school, along with her counselors, saw the need for such a club to address the unique challenges faced by middle school girls.

“I believe that education goes beyond computers and textbooks. It’s about nurturing the whole person, and that includes empowering our young girls to become confident, compassionate leaders of tomorrow,” she said.

Women in the community have given of their time to share their expertise, broaden perspectives, and enhance the girls’ confidence. The Life Change Group and Dr. Pamela Wright, along with Dr. Karyn Staples of Pro Health, local artist Tracy Sands, Starr’s Mill graduate Ava Harris, and Cpl. Lacourly with the Peachtree City Police Department, have donated their time to be with the group.

Parents have seen the positive impact from this group, commenting on how the girls have come home feeling 10 feet tall. As the Girls Empowerment Group continues to thrive, Principal Troutman remains dedicated to her vision of creating a nurturing and empowering space for all students. The community looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of this initiative in the lives of the middle school girls and the community as a whole.


Posted 2/9/2024