Classroom Guidance

  • This year our classroom guidance lessons will be based on five themes:


    August is our “Introduction to the Counselor” and time to get feedback from the students as to what is important to them.


    September/October will focus on Responsibility (school work, personal best, cooperation, study skills, organization).


    November/December are Differences (respect for others, treating others fairly, friendships, and cliques).


    January/February will focus on Bullying (caring, compassion, kindness, teasing, using our words, problem-solving using Second Step.


    March/April are Honesty/Truthfulness (reputation, friendships, respect).


    In May we’ll be looking at Career Exploration and the transition to the next grade and to middle school.  There is also a school-wide program on personal safety and a 5th grade unit on Human Growth and Development.  Parents are given an opportunity to view the video on Human Growth and must give written permission for their child to participate in the lesson.