• Salli Fedelem, School Nurse: fedelem.salli@fcboe.org

    All new students are required to have a valid Georgia Certificate of Immunization (3231 form) and a Georgia Certificate of Vision, Hearing, Dental, and Nutrition (3300 form). These two health forms need to be turned in to the school nurse by September 8th. Please call the school if you have any questions (770)460-3432. 

    • See the list of required immunizations by clicking HERE.
    • Please click HERE for Health Care Plans & Medication Authorization Forms.


    If your child has a known allergy, food or otherwise, please tell us. A Health Care Plan or signed letter from the doctor telling us what the allergy is, is needed to ensure the health and well being of your child. An updated Food Allergy list is supplied to the cafeteria and your child’s teacher.

    Does your child have a medical condition? 

    It is very important for your student's teacher and the school nurse to be aware of ANY medical conditions your child may have. If your student has a severe allergy, asthma, diabetes, seizures or other chronic health condition which may require medication or special care during school hours, we recommend you and your healthcare provider complete and sign a Health Care Plan available on the (FCBOE) website or from your school nurse.

    Working together, we can promote the health & well-being of your student and ensure they obtain the maximum education benefit while at school. Please contact your School Clinic if you have any questions or concerns.

    Does your child require medication at school?
    If your child requires any kind of medication throughout the day, it must be brought into the clinic by a parent or guardian. For prescription, homeopathic, or supplemental medications, a School Medication Authorization form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and a licensed Georgia physician. Over-the-counter medication such as Advil, Tylenol, or cold medication, requires completion of a School Medication Authorization form and a parent or guardian signature only. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL CONTAINER WITH UNEXPIRED DATES AND LABELED IN ENGLISH.

    Student illness/injury:
    The main reasons for keeping your student home from school are he/she is too sick to participate comfortably at school or might spread a contagious disease to other students. If your student has been diagnosed with a contagious disease, please contact the clinic so other student’s parents and school staff may be alerted of the symptoms.

    Reasons Your Child will be Sent Home from School:

    • Fever >100 degrees F or 37.8 degrees Celsius* - A student should stay home until there is NO FEVER for 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION. Call your doctor if the fever is with pain, rash, weakness, vomiting or diarrhea.
      (*Based on CDC Recommendations)
    • Vomiting or Diarrhea - Student should stay home with ONE event of vomiting or watery diarrhea. Call your doctor if vomiting or diarrhea continues or with fever, rash, or weakness.
    • Drainage from a wound, rash, eyes or nose - Student should stay home with drainage from a wound, rash, or eyes. Call your doctor for treatment.
    • Head Lice or Scabies - Student should stay home until after treatment is complete and no lice or nits. Contact the health department or your doctor for treatment. The student must be cleared by the Clinic to return to school.
    • Unexplained Rash - Student should stay home with an unexplained rash. Call your doctor for treatment.

    Students may not return to school until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for ONE FULL school day.

    • For example, if your child goes home sick anytime during the school day on Monday, your child can not return to school until Wednesday.
    • When there is doubt in your mind about sending your student to school, consult your doctor. Your school nurse or principal may ask for a “Release to Return to School” from your doctor before returning to school.

    Please make sure that your student’s school knows how to reach you during the day.