Pre-K Supply List

  • Pre-K Supply List 2018-2019




    Crayons 1 pack / 24 box  
    Backpack 1 Regular size that will easily hold a folder
    Folder 1 Red plastic folder with prongs
    Glue Sticks 8  
    Glue Bottles 2  
    Dry Erase Markers 1 pack  
    Colored Pencils 1 pack  
    Scissors 1 pair  
    Tissues (Kleenex) 1 box  
    Liquid Soap 1 bottle .
    Rest Mat Mats will be sold at Meet the Teacher  
    Markers 1 box Any size
    Clear Pencil Pouch 1 The type of Pencil Pouch that is placed inside of a folder with the three hole fasteners
    Boys: 1 box of gallon and sandwich sized Ziploc type bags  
    Girls: 1 box of gallon and quart sized Ziploc type bags  
    Hand Sanitizer 1 bottle 12 oz. or larger
    Baby Wipes 1 box  
    Lysol Wipes 1 container  
    Band Aids 1 box  
    Additional donations of paper towels and colored paper are greatly appreciated.