• After School Program

    ASP Office Phone: 770.487.5355


    Office Hours: 10:00am-6:30pm


    Program Hours: Dismissal—6:30pm


    Our Staff



    Important Information and Forms


    Fayette County ASP Program


    This site includes information: ASP Applications, Insurance,  Emergency forms, ASP Family Handbooks,Family Involvement, Guidance & Discipline, Medication/Illness, Receipts and Taxes, Sign-In Procedures (Transition to ASP), Sign-Out Procedures (Releasing Children), Snacks, Tax Forms, and more.


    About Us


    PCES After School Program is an affordable, safe option that engages children in a wide variety of fun and creative activities such as:


    • Arts/crafts
    • Fun games
    • KINECT
    • Supervised outdoor/gym play
    • Homework center
    • Computer enrichment
    • Community service
    • Peachtree City Elementary clubs participation