Saturday School

  • Saturday School is an opportunity is provided for students who have fallen behind academically. They are given a quiet environment from 9am to 12 pm, in the media center, to catch up on missing assignments. Students must be referred by a teacher or administrator.

    Guidelines for Saturday School:


    1. All students in Saturday School are referred by teachers/administrators/counselors.
    2. All student Code of Conduct guidelines apply.
    3. Students must arrive on time. Students must be accompanied to the media center by a parent/guardian. Students who arrive later than 9:00 am will not be allowed to attend.
    4. Saturday School ends at NOON. Students will not be dismissed until a parent or guardian is present. Students who remain more than ten (10) minutes after the end of Saturday School will not be given the opportunity to attend in the future.
    5. If a student is walking home, a parent note must be provided.
    6. Students who are disruptive or unproductive will phone a parent or guardian to pick them up immediately.
    7. It is the student’s responsibility to bring ALL necessary academic materials (textbooks, paper, pencil, and binder).


  • Saturday School Dates To Be Determined