Saturday School

  • Welcome to Saturday School, a unique program designed to support struggling students. Saturday School is from 9 am to  12 pm. This time is exclusively reserved for students to catch up on designated assignments and bridge the learning gaps. To participate, students must register using the Saturday School link.  Join us at Saturday School and unlock your full potential!

    Guidelines for Saturday School:

    1. All students are welcome.
    2. All student Code of Conduct guidelines apply.
    3. Students should arrive by 9:00 AM. 
    4. Saturday School ends at 11 am.  Students who remain more than ten (10) minutes after the end of Saturday School might not be allowed to attend in the future.
    5. A parent note must be provided if a student walks home.
    6. Students who are disruptive or unproductive will phone a parent or guardian to pick them up immediately.
    7. The student must bring ALL necessary academic materials (textbooks, paper, pencil, and a charged Chromebook).

    Please reserve your spot by the Wednesday prior to the Saturday school session.


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    October 5, 2024

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    May 10, 2025