Administration, Counseling and Front Office Staff

6th Grade Teaching Staff

  • 6th Grade Instructional Focus: Patricia Schade

7th Grade Teaching Staff

  • 7th Grade Off Team:  Cynthia Lanford (literacy): Team Leader

8th Grade Teaching Staff

  • 8th Grade Off Team: Amy Furbee and Sammie Real

Connections & Support Classes

Performing Arts Teachers

Exceptional Children's Services


    • Susan Boyd

    • Casey Carlile

    • Ellen Castro

    • Aaryn Cole-Gooden

    • Jadine Teague

    • Kristin Hill (LEA)

    • Elizabeth Kuebler (Team Leader)

    • Kenya Rivers

    • Heather Dixon

    • Bharathi Tallury

    • Audrey Thomas

    • Kim Walden

    • Michelle Ward (Chanel Greenwood)

    • Amy Bird (Speech)

    • Katey Strauss (ESOL)





    • Lindsey Joiner


    • Raul Gonzalez

Auxiliary Staff