• Career and Technical Education

  • Hope Via

    Ms. Via is responsible for the Early Childhood
    Care & Education Pathway.  Website

  • Adriah Williams


    Mrs. Williams is responsible for the Teaching as a Profession and the Nutrition and Food Science Pathways.

  • Laurie Davis

  • Julie McKenna

    Ms. McKenna is responsible for
    the Therapeutic Services - Allied Health Pathway.

  • Jonathan Winkjer

    Mr. Winkjer is responsible for
    the Engineering and Technology Pathway.

  • Zach Mann

  • Patt Coleman

    Ms. Coleman is responsible for
    the Administrative Support Pathway.

  • Jeffrey Klein

    Mr. Klein is responsible for 
    the Small Business Development Pathway.

  • Mark Williamson

    Mr. Williamson is responsible for
    Credit Recovery and Study Skills support.

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