• Attendance Policies

    • Absent Information:

    If a student is absent and a parent/guardian would like to request that the absence be excused, please do one of the following


    • Early Checkout/ Late Check In Information:

    A google form has been created for a parent/guardian to request an early checkout for a student.  This form must be submitted no later than 10:15 am on the day of early checkout request.  We must also receive a verbal confirmation from a parent or guardian for all student self-checkouts. Please call the attendance office at (770) 486-2710 ext 2235


    • Tardy Information:

    Students arriving to school or to class after 8:35 will report to the attendance office to sign in tardy and receive a pass to class. Students who are tardy are only considered excused for illness – with a note from a parent/guardian, a doctor’s/dental appointment, and a late bus. Students who arrive on a late bus will not be penalized for being tardy but should stop by attendance to receive a pass so that they are marked correctly in Infinite Campus. All late bus claims are checked with transportation if we have not received a call from transportation beforehand. Students will be responsible for turning in a note for their tardy within 3 days of the tardy. After the 3rd day, it remains unexcused.

    Students who check in late without a note will receive an unexcused tardy and will need to sign an unexcused check-in record.  Below is the discipline for each tardy.

    • Tardy 1-3: Warning
    • Tardy 4: 1 Administrative Detention
    • Tardy 5: 2 Administrative Detention
    • Tardy 6: 1 Day of ISS PLUS 30 day loss of Parking Permit
    • Tardy 7: 2 Days of ISS (or 1 day of Saturday School) PLUS  30 day loss of parking permit
    • Tardy 8: 3 Days of ISS PLUS 30 Day loss of Parking Permit
    • Tardy 9: 5 Days  of ISS and Revocation of Parking Permit
    • Tardy 10: 1 Day OSS


    Excused Absences According to State Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-.10

    • Personal illness
    • Serious illness or death in the immediate family (mother, father, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, or guardians)
    • Court Order
    • Religious Holiday
    • Instances in which attendance could be hazardous as determined by the Fayette County School System – School Cancellations
    • Up to five (5) days excused absences per year for students whose parents are in the military and are being deployed or are on leave.
    • Service as page in legislature
    • Absences to vote in an election

    *Please note that the state department of education determines which incidents are excused and unexcused under Rule 160-5-1.10 (see above).

    *Family emergencies are not one of the excused absences unless they are one of the above reasons.


    Clinic and Illnesses:

    Please send all students who are not feeling well to the clinic. This will give them a pass to be excused for the day.

    Reasons your students will be sent home:

    1. Fever > 100.4 degrees F or 38.0 degrees Celsius
      1. Students should stay home until there is NO FEVER for 24 hours WITHOUT MEDICATION.
    2. Vomiting or Diarrhea
      1. Students should stay home with ONE event of vomiting or diarrhea.
    3. Drainage from a wound, rash, eyes or nose
    4. Head lice or scabies
    5. Unexplained Rash

    Your student may not return to school until they have been fever free and symptom-free for ONE FULL school day (i.e. If your child goes home sick anytime during the school day on Monday, your child can not return to school until Wednesday.) When there is doubt in your mind about sending your student to school, consult your doctor. Your school nurse or principal may ask for a “Release to Return to School” from your doctor before your student can return to school.

    *Please call the school or email the nurse to update the school on any illnesses your child has been diagnosed with so that we can keep a record.


    Pre-Approved Absence Form:

    Please see Brandy Hearing in the Attendance Office at the end of the 700, to pick-up a Pre-approved Absence Request Form. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that each teacher reads and signs the request. All requests need to be turned back into the Attendance Secretary, at least one week before the first day of absence. This will help us to start the pre-arranged absence paperwork. This form must be signed by each teacher and then turned in for administrative approval. Any questions, please call Brandy Hearing, 770-486-2710 ext 2235

    Driving off Campus:

    A parent note is required when a student needs to drive off campus during school hours. Parents will always be contacted before the student receives a pass to drive off campus, no matter the age of the student. Parents please be available and have a current phone number written on the note.

    • In the event that a student needs to leave and does not have a note, the parent must call the school at 770-486-2710 ext. 2235 and send an email before the student is allowed to leave campus. This is reserved for last minute doctors’ appointments or other emergencies.
    • Any student who is ill must go see the nurse.

    Holiday Breaks/Weekends Early Dismissal Procedure:

    Due to the large volume of checkouts, we do not accept phone calls and emails for checkouts on Fridays before holidays and holiday breaks. This allows the attendance office to get your students' paperwork ready and makes the check-out process run smoothly for all students and parents/guardians involved. We will always send out a reminder two days or the day before that Friday.

    What Parents and Students need to know about Attendance:

    • Infinite Campus calls will go out every day for students who are marked absent unexcused or check out before 10:15.
    • The attendance secretary will print and mail the 5 day unexcused absence and tardy letters on Monday morning.
    • After a combined total of 5 absences,check ins, or check outs per semester with a parent/guardian note, a doctors' note will be required. A parent note will not be accepted for the remainder of the semester.

    If you have any questions regarding an automated voice mail message or letter that you have received in regards to attendance, please contact Brandy Hearing at 770-486-2710 ext. 2235 or