BYOT Information / Device Registration

  • Things to remember about Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) at SMHS


    All high and middle schools in Fayette County now have active, filtered WIFI available on campus for students and teachers to use while at school. Students and parents should remember:


    • Students are responsible for the safety and security of all of their belongings, including any electronic devices.
    • Parents are encouraged to register all devices they plan to send to school with their students. The registration form is available at the bottom of this page. This registration will be used by school personnel to return lost or recovered devices to their rightful owners.
    • Use of technology in class should be limited to uses that enhance the classroom learning experience. Uses of technology that distract from learning will be handled as any other distracting items by the teacher in the classroom.
    • Student devices must use the filtered wifi service provided by the school. Students may not use their personal data plans (i.e. 3G/4G service) on their devices while at school.
    • Students are responsible for the management, troubleshooting, and technical support of their personal devices.
    • Teachers will indicate through signage and verbal communication if students are not allowed to use technology in their classroom on a given day. Students should expect not to use technology on days of tests and standardized assessments where the chance of a violation of testing security would increase in the presence of student technology.
    • The use of technology in a classroom is a privilege, not a right. Inappropriate use of a device can result in the loss of this privilege and potential other disciplinary consequences. Student use of technology is governed by a teacher's rules in his or her classroom, the SMHS Student Handbook, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Fayette County School System Internet Acceptable Use Policy.