• Exams & Exam Exemptions:

    Final exams are an integral part of course requirements for students in the secondary schools of Fayette County. All students will be required to take final exams for courses in which they are enrolled at the time those exams are scheduled. A schedule of final exam dates will be published with the annual school calendar in order for students and parents to be informed of the exact dates of the exams. Only those students who present evidence of a lawful absence will be permitted to make up an exam. All make-up exams must be approved by the administration.

    • Students who have at least a 73 and no more than five (5) occurrences (check ins/outs and absences excused and unexcused) will be allowed to exempt one (1) test for attendance.
    • Students who have 7 classes on campus and a 95 in their classes may exempt three (3) classes. Students who dual enroll/opt out will be allotted two (2) exemptions for academics with a grade of 95 or above.

    These exemptions cannot be combined.

    • Second semester, seniors with averages below 80 will take final exams. Those with more than five (5) combined check-ins/outs and/or absences will take final exams. Seniors must meet both criteria to be eligible for exam exemptions. Attendance exemption is a privilege not a right. There will be no check-outs during the scheduled exam period. Also, because of the heavy workload in the Attendance Office during exams, no check-outs by phone will be accepted. Students planning to check-out must return the exam exemption form with a parent signature approving check-out times and dates.