• Kroger Shoppers Can Earn Money for SMHS at No Extra Cost!

    Kroger Shoppers: Did you know that your swiping your Kroger card when you grocery shop can benefit Starr's Mill? It takes just a minute to go online to your Kroger account and link your card to the SMHS PTSO. So far this year, SMHS has earned nearly $1,000 from only 65 families who linked their cards to the PTSO! Any funds we receive benefit the needs of students, faculty, staff and the school as a whole! Thank you for your support!

    Parent and Community Volunteers

    If you volunteer at Starr's Mill High School or plan to volunteer in the future, please click here for important information!

    Please join us for our monthly meetings!

    PTSO meeting dates have been rescheduled to the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm in Conference Room A, skipping December. The new dates are as follows:


    Feb 6th
    March 13th
    April 10th
    May 8th



    Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) 2016-2017

    President: Mary Wernecke 

    1st Vice President  (Academic): Jennifer Schafhauser

    2nd Vice President  (Membership): Dana Clevenger

    Secretary: Roberta Dunn

    Treasurer: Lara Dial  

    Communication: Catherine Goins

    Volunteer Coordinator: Kathy McPherson

    Special Events Coordinator: Kathy Turner

    Teacher Appreciation: Deborah Payne, Tammy Pattison &  Ann Buck

    Scholarships: Donna Fierbaugh

    2015-2016 PTSO Executive Board

    President Mary Wernecke

    1st VP, Academic Honors Jennifer Schafhauser

    2nd VP, Membership Judy Dillon

    Treasurer Susan Logan

    Secretary Debbie Davis

    2015-2016 PTSO Committee Chairs

    Teacher Appreciation: Deborah Payne, Tammy Pattison, Ann Buck

    Office Volunteers: Kathy McPherson

    Communication: Catherine Goins

    Scholarship: Lynda Poole

    Special Events: Roberta Dunn