Mission / Vision / Belief Statement

  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits J.C. Booth Middle School. The accreditation process is called the school improvement process because it examines how we look ahead and how we plan for change to meet the needs of our current and future students.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the J.C. Booth Middle School community is to encourage and support student achievement as we strive for excellence.

    Vision Statement

    The faculty, staff, and stakeholders of J.C. Booth Middle School have collaborated to develop a clear, shared vision of the school characteristics that we believe are essential to accomplish its mission. The following vision statement describes the standards that, through the fulfillment of our individual and collective responsibilities, we strive to achieve.

    At J. C. Booth Middle School: 

    • Our students exhibit integrity, honesty, responsibility and respect for all others.
    • Our students adhere to school and community rules.
    • Our students experience an academically challenging and supportive learning environment that promotes the realization of their full potential.
    • Our students are responsible, self-reliant learners who strive to do their best in all things.
    • Our teachers, students, parents, administrators and the community are involved in the operation of our school and student learning.
    • Our teachers and staff are professionals and act, dress, and communicate in a professional manner.
    • Our teachers and staff model and insist upon respect, responsibility, and honesty.
    • Our teachers and staff work to develop appropriate positive relationships with their students and colleagues.
    • Our teachers are highly qualified and pursue relevant professional development.
    • Our teachers share and collaborate for the betterment of students’ learning.
    • Our teachers actively pursue new methods to improve motivation, instruction, and assessment and to ensure that student learning is rigorous and relevant.
    • Our teachers provide ample opportunities for students to learn and use current technology.
    • Our administrators prioritize our students’ learning, safety, and welfare above all else.
    • Our administrators are supportive of students and teachers and ensure a safe, clean, and inviting physical environment.
    • Our administrators are approachable and encourage open communication.
    • Our parents are invited to be involved in the education of their children.
    • Our parents help promote the success of our students by becoming informed and knowledgeable about the curriculum, school activities, and student support programs available to students.
    • Our parents help our students become responsible, self-reliant members of our school community.
    • Our parents model active involvement in our school and promote healthy lifestyles.
    • The efforts and achievements of the J.C. Booth school community are recognized and celebrated.


    Value Statements 

    These value statements are the attitudes and behaviors that our school embraces. They represent our shared commitments regarding how we will behave on a daily basis in order to become the school we want to be. These values support our school’s vision and are aligned with our mission: 

    • We will work collaboratively as a professional learning community to strengthen our instruction and assessments in order to provide a challenging and relevant academic curriculum.
    • Our expectation is that every student will improve his/her learning and show a high level of mastery and problem solving skills.
    • We will respond positively to the needs of all students, providing them the necessary time and support to achieve high standards of learning. We will never give up on a student.
    • We will recognize and embrace the diversity of our school community and model caring, respectfulness, and responsible behavior.
    • We will model and teach tolerance and patience while enforcing rules consistently and fairly.
    • We will encourage open lines of communication and provide many opportunities for our school community to become an integral part of our students’ learning.