Mission / Vision / Belief Statement

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of J.C. Booth is to create a community of learners equipped with life skills
    which enable us to positively embrace the challenges in our changing world.

    Value Statements

    These value statements are the attitudes and behaviors that our school embraces. They represent our shared commitments regarding how we will behave on a daily basis in order to become the school we want to be. These values support our school’s vision and are aligned with our mission.

    1. We will work collaboratively as a professional learning community to strengthen our instruction and assessments in order to provide a challenging and relevant academic curriculum.

    2. Our expectation is that every student will improve his/her learning and show a high level of mastery and problem solving skills.

    3. We will respond positively to the needs of all students, providing them the necessary time and support to achieve high standards of learning. We will never give up on a student.

    4. We will recognize and embrace the diversity of our school community and model caring, respectfulness, and responsible behavior.

    5. We will model and teach tolerance and patience while enforcing rules consistently and fairly.

    6. We will encourage open lines of communication and provide many opportunities for our school community to become an integral part of our students’ learning.

    Vision Statement

    Create a community where all children feel valued and supported as they discover and pursue their passions, connect to the world and people around them, and challenge themselves to achieve their full potential be it in academics, sports, and/or fine arts.


    It is important that students work to the best of their ability.  Therefore, they shall strive to follow the Warrior Creed to:

    • Be Responsible:  I will take ownership of my behaviors and expectations necessary to be a successful student.  I will make adjustments in my choices and advocate for my best interest in order to be a successful student.

    • Be Respectful: I will show respect towards myself, others and property by modeling the expectations set by FCBOE and the J.C. Booth Code of Conduct.

    • Be Ready to Learn:  I will be mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to learn by attending school regularly and on time; using organizational tools such as agenda, binder, homework online, and infinite campus to keep up with assignments; being ready to learn with materials, motivation and alertness.