Any student interested in playing sports for the school system MUST have the following paper work completed prior to trying out for a team.  Please see the head coach of your interested sport for more details. 


    If you have any questions about Privit, please contact Ms. Kayla Seabolt.

Code of Sportsmanship

  • Sportsmanship can be defined in one word: RESPECT

    Respect for ourselves, our schools, and guests to our schools helps build a positive image not only within the community, but also with all those who participate in competitive activities in our schools.

    Responsibilities of participants and parents: 

    • Use appropriate language

    • Treat opponents with the respect due them as guests or hosts

    • Exercise self-control at all times

    • Respect the officials' judgment and interpretation of the rules

    • Respect the coaches' judgment and authority

    • Accept the responsibility of representing your school in a positive manner

    • Act in a manner that will create a positive attitude in the audience

Athletic Director

  • Ms. Kayla Seabolt

Student/Parent Athletic Consent Forms

Eligibility Requirements

  • The following are eligibility requirements to participate in athletic/extracurricular activities at the middle school level (7th and 8th grades):

    1. Students must pass all 5 academic subjects the semester preceding participation

    2. A player must not reach his or her 15th birthday prior to May 1st preceding his or her 8th grade year. A player must not reach his or her 14th birthday prior to May 1st preceding his or her 7th grade year

    3. An eligible student can participate in each sport, once in the 7th grade and once in the 8th grade

    4. Students must adhere to all rules and regulations as outlined in the Athletic/Extracurricular Code of Conduct and/or specific written guidelines developed by the coach and/or school administration

    5. Middle school athletics are governed by the Fayette County Middle School Athletic League (FCMSAL)

    6. Students MUST have a GHSA physical form on file with the school nurse and MUST have a Parent Consent form filled out and turned into each coach of the appropriate sport.  (Both attached at the bottom of this page). 

Athletic Fees