• Welcome to Booth Volleyball 2020-2021


    Parent/Player Agreement  

    Please print the above agreement, sign, and return to your coach.

    Updated info as of July 19 but please check this site frequently for changes as the current situation requires adjustments often.  


    Players should bring appropriate clothes for tryouts and water (shorts, t-shirt, knee pads if you have them, athletic shoes).  We will be checking temps. as girls arrive and equipment will be cleaned. We will have guidelines in place to maintain distance between players during drills.  

    Practices during the school year will be directly after school from 3:15-5:15. Players should be prepared to practice Monday - Friday but Friday practices will be utilized as needed.

    There will be a parent meeting Thurs. Aug 13th at 5pm. Costs for each player is $55.  There is a team spirit shirt that will be offered for $14.80.  Please make checks payable to Booth Middle School and bring payment to the parent meeting or send it in with your player prior to the meeting.

    Things to cover at the parent meeting:

    • Attendance at practice and games is manditory unless the player is sick or has a family emergency
    • 3 unexcused absences and the player will risk the loss of position on the team. 
    • Game days girls will remain at school until time to depart for the game.  They will ride the bus to the games and will need their own ride home.
    • For home games, players will work the alternate grade levels games (line-judge, book, libero track, scoreboard)
    • 7th grade games will start at 5pm and 8th grade games will follow. They usually start about 6pm
    • They will play the best of 3 sets.
    • Only the 8th grade team attends the county tournament.
    • Playing time is dependent on performance but we work very hard to give all girls time on the court. We are a very competitive program and not a recreational program. 
    • Players will bring their own snacks and drinks for before practice and before games. 
    • Please make sure your player always has a water bottle.





    Volleyball Schedule 2020-2021



  • https://a5south.com/page/1111/cvl.html

    Please see the link above for information on the A5 South Middle School

    program being offered.  It is a great way to stay active and get ready

    for your next tryout. 


    Please click the link below and print all the forms which should include:

    1. Physical to be completed at your Dr’s office, urgent care, or pharmacy.

    2. Physical History

    3. Concussion Awareness

    4. Concussion Fact

    5. Parental Consent

    Forms to complete for tryouts

    Covid 19 forms that will be filled out during tryouts and practice.  Any response that shows that there may have been exposure to Covid 19, the player will not be permitted to participate.

    Workout Questionaire

    Athlete Monitoring Form



  • Remind Me App will be used for communication.

    To join:

    Information will be posted after teams are chosen.


    You will receive a message from Remind Me App. Follow instructions.