Welcome to J.C. Booth Counseling!

  • If you are considering a move to the area and would like to schedule a tour of J.C. Booth Middle School, please contact the appropriate counselor. Tours are held on the first Friday of each month at 8:20am.


    Welcome to the J.C. Booth Middle School Counseling page!

    Why Visit the School Counselor?

    School Counseling is a developmental process in which the counselor provides a student or group of students with guidance and encouragement, as well as challenge and inspiration in creatively managing and resolving practical, personal, and relationship issues in order to help students achieve goals.

    At J.C. Booth Middle School, we strive to follow the ASCA National Model and Georgia Standards for Counselors. This methodology allows us to reach as many students as we can with positive guidance that helps students in all three domains: Academic, Career/College Preparation, and Social/Emotional concerns. In essence, if there is something getting in the way of a student being successful, we provide tools and guidance to help remove those barriers, whatever they may be.

    As professional school counselors, we work with students on an individual basis, in small groups, and in their classrooms. We can also attend parent-teacher conferences at the request of the parent/guardian or teacher, as our schedule allows.

    Here are some reasons students might want to talk to the School Counselor:

    • "I had an argument with my best friend, and she doesn't want to be my friend anymore."
    • "Some kids in my science class are talking about fighting after school."
    • "My parents argue all the time and I don't know what to do."
    • "My grandfather is really sick and I'm scared he's going to die."
    • "My mom just had a baby, and she doesn't have time for me anymore."
    • "We're moving again!"
    • "My dad wants me to be an engineer like him, but I want to be a pilot."
    • "I want to get ready for high school and don't know what to expect."

    Here are some reasons parents might want to talk to the School Counselor:

    • "This is John's third school this year, and he's having difficulty adjusting."
    • "My husband is being deployed in two weeks and Carolyn may need some help coping with this change."
    • "Sam used to be excited about school, but lately he doesn't seem to care."
    • "My wife and I recently separated and our daughter could use some help understanding this."
    • "My son seems to be the target of some teasing and bullying after school. Can you help?"
    • "I want to understand more about the academic path my student needs to take after middle school."