• Crabapple Lane Elementary opened its doors in August of 2003…

    In August of 2003, Crabapple Lane Elementary School (CLES) opened with the help of many parents and other community organizations. CLES is the home of Crimson the Cardinal – a mascot chosen by the students. In August of 2013, after the closing of Tyrone Elementary school, CLES welcomed 192 new students and 23 staff members into the Cardinal family. CLES is an outstanding school with dedicated staff and parents committed to student achievement. Our school extends a warm welcome to all who enter. A safe environment is provided for all children to grow to their full potential academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. We are proud of the tradition of excellence that has been established and work hard as a school family to provide rich learning experiences for all students. In 2010, Crabapple Lane achieved the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement’s Gold Level Award.

    Crabapple Lane Elementary School Our mission is to encourage lifelong learning in a respectful, responsible, and loving community. As a school, we work together to ensure our students receive a balanced educational experience through quality programs and support. We recognize that each child learns differently. Teachers and staff work collaboratively to help each child have a positive and successful learning experience. Students play an active role in their learning through hands-on, diversified activities that develop higher order thinking skills to maximize their success. In addition to high academic achievements, our students are given multiple opportunities to participate in enriching and extracurricular activities in order to develop their individual interests, strengths, and talents.

    Parents are an integral part of our learning community. Our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a very active group that is eager to support our school with resources that benefit and help improve the educational programs for all children. Through their fund-raising efforts, we have been able to sustain many of the enriching programs and materials that have a positive impact on our students’ education.

    The education of students is a partnership between the school, parents, children, and the community. The Crabapple Lane family works to establish positive relationships with all stakeholders to support the individual needs of every child.