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Sign Up for Free & Reduced Lunch

Sign up for free and reduced-price meals

Even with all school lunches set to be free this year thanks to federal funding, it is still important to apply for the National School Lunch Program. 

If your family is eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, you may not even realize the benefits of signing up extend beyond just what appears on your student’s lunch tray. 

In addition to school meals, your student is also eligible for free or discounted rates on school athletics and camps, reduced registration fees for AP, SAT, and ACT tests, discounted college application fees, and discounted rates on internet services. 

Additionally, schools receive funding for student programs and services based on the number of free and reduced-price meals they serve. 

It’s fast and easy to apply, just go to Turn in your meal application today and take advantage of the many benefits for your child and ensure your school continues to receive funding!