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Teaching tech: Lewis preps students for digital age

North Fayette Elementary technology specialist and computer science teacher Tinasha Lewis helps students stay safe and be successful in the digital age.

“You cannot succeed without technology, so it’s more about teaching them how to use it responsibly,” said Lewis. “They have so much at their fingertips, and when they use it for good it’s so amazing.”

As a technology specialist, Lewis takes care of all of the school’s Chromebooks, both in issuing them and ensuring they work properly. As the bearer of Chromebooks, she’s something of a celebrity among the students.

“I’m like the Beyonce in the building,” she joked. “Giving them their first Chromebook that they can take home, they love it.”

As a computer science teacher, she works with every classroom, collaborating with teachers to craft lessons to build key skills that tie into the curriculum. Lessons include Google basics and digital citizenship and literacy.

Lewis loves introducing coding.

“I like to introduce the coding at a young age so they can get interested,” said Lewis. “After the first two times (on the app), they take off, and they can create these wonderful animations and stories.”

The amount of technology children have access to is always increasing. Lewis teaches them a foundational piece of life, learning how to thrive online.

“My passion lies in cultivating an environment that not only prepares students for the 21st century’s challenges, but also sparks a genuine love of learning.”


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Posted 12/5/2023