• The Common Core Mathematics Standards are designed to give students depth and true understanding of mathematical concepts and have been embraced by Booth teachers. In every classroom, a “road map” of the current unit can be found and students are encouraged to evaluate themselves on their progress.  Students are challenged to break down problems and persevere in solving them and collaborative discussion is highly encouraged, as this is how mathematics is done in the adult world.  Writing about mathematics is given high priority, and students are taught to construct written support for their solutions and to critique the arguments of others.   Since each learner comes with different strengths and needs, teachers differentiate learning by using flexible grouping, individualized tasks, and conferencing with students about their goals and progress.  Assessment is not limited to paper-and-pencil quizzes but includes a wide array of projects, online assessments, and quick formative checks for understanding.  Teachers at each grade level work closely to share their best practices for student success and great ideas are shared with the entire math department at monthly meetings.