Project Adventure


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    Purpose: The purpose of project adventure is to teach students to work together toward a common goal. Along the way, students will develop greater self-confidence, mutual support within a group, an increased level of agility and physical coordination, problem solving skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with others.

    Curriculum: The connections course lasts one nine-week period and the following activities will be covered: Cooperative games & group problem solving initiatives.

    Ropes course: High and low elements – high elements require a method of safety known as a belay system. The belay system uses rope, carabiners, and other specialized hardware to provide protection for anyone climbing higher than can be safely spotted from the ground. Students are not required to do high elements, but are encouraged to try. Parents are welcome to come observe (please check in the office first).

    Expectations: Students are expected to participate in all activities in project adventure. If a student is not comfortable with a particular activity, alternate activities, which may involve assisting the teacher in monitoring and spotting an activity, may be required. Students are encouraged to extend their limits, both physically and emotionally.

    Class rules: Students are required to follow all school and class rules. The school rules can be found in the student agenda, and the class rules will be covered on the first day of class and throughout the nine-week period.