• Orchestra = Attitude, Character, and Persistence

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    The purpose of the Bennett’s Mill Middle School Orchestra is to impart the appreciation of music to all of its members through successful study and performance. Students are given the opportunity to acquire the skills needed for progression into a high school orchestra program. It is the goal of the orchestra program to develop lifelong advocates of music.

    Orchestra has a unique place in the school curriculum. While it is an academic class in the sense of having a definite curriculum and expected competencies, there are many aspects of orchestra membership that require participation outside of the normal school day. Such activities are considered to be an extension of the classroom. The success of the orchestra program depends on each orchestra member performing their responsibilities to the group. Orchestra is a “team sport.”

    Attitude, character, and persistence are the most important factors in determining how successful a young musician will be. Every orchestra member has an obligation to the other orchestra members, the school, and most importantly to themselves to strive to be the very best that they can be. The high expectations of the orchestra program enable the student to achieve more than they think is possible. Students are expected to always act like ladies or gentlemen. We all have to live with the reputation that we make for ourselves. All students should strive to make a positive reputation for the orchestra concerning their musical quality, attitude, and conduct both in and out of the orchestra class.