What Makes a Learner Gifted?

  • Many people equate high-achievers i.e. students who work hard at school, are highly-motivated and get top grades, with being gifted. Yes, many gifted learners exhibit these qualities but just having these qualities alone does not indicate giftedness.

    The National Association for Gifted Childrren Website explains giftedness in detail.

    Here are several charts that contrast gifted and bright or high-achieving, creative students:

Gifted Charts

  • Bright Child Gifted Learner
    • Knows the answers to questions
    • Answers the questions
    • Top of the class
    • Learns with ease
    • Understands ideas
    • Capable technician
    • Enjoys peers
    • Asks the questions
    • Discusses response in detail; elaborates
    • Beyond the class
    • Often already knows answers
    • Understands in metaphors and abstractions
    • Inventor
    • Prefers adults


    Comparison from Bertie Kilgore: High-Achiever - Gifted - Creative

    For a comprehensive look at what giftedness is, refer to this document.