Need a Chromebook

  • STEP 1

    Welcome to Bennett’s Mill Middle School from the BMMS SLED Team.

    We are excited that you are here. We wanted to send you a quick note to ensure you have all the necessary information with regards to technology.-up

    TECHNOLOGY Pick-up will be appointment only. Please contact Mrs. Hall at 

    BMMS is a 1-1 Chromebook school. Each student will receive a chromebook after the following items have occurred. 

    • Parent viewed and digitally signed parent orientation on BMMS 1-1 Website:  Parent Orientation Video  The video is embedded in the form so please scroll down to see the next. You will need your student’s six digit ID number. If you do not have the six digit id, you may put in all 0’s.

    • Parent and student read and signed FCBOE Code of Conduct which includes chromebook policy. FCBOE Code of Conduct

    • Parent and student signed BMMS New Student Chromebook Agreement. New Student Agreement Return these forms to Mrs. Hall (Room 301) or preferably via email at

    Please visit our BMMS 1-1 website to introduce yourself to policies and procedures at BMMS and for more information about your chromebook. Additionally, information with regards to chromebook insurance is available and is located on the Chromebook Insurance and the SLED Team website. Parents/guardians purchase insurance independently and must be done yearly!

    Every Tuesday is Tech Tuesday!  and is available for parents and students to learn new skills or get familiar with the technology they have. Please visit to sign-up if you like or just drop by. 

    Visit for support or to submit a ticket for your chromebook for tech support. 


    STEP 2

    Once you receive your chromebook, an email will be sent to you to login and change your password. Additionally, please check out the insurance that is available for purchase and visit the for helpful hints and tips.