Title I at Flat Rock

  • Jade Bolton, Principal

    Brenda Cannington, Title I Contact

    Melissa Lohr, Parent Liaison

    Family Engagement Plan 2020-2021

    Flat Rock is a School Wide Title 1 Program which means ALL students can receive additional services. No student identification is made that renders them eligible or ineligible for services.  The program promotes improved instruction for all students and constitutes comprehensive school reform and strategies through the following:

    • Provides Opportunities for all children to meet proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement
    • Strengthens the core academic program
    • Increases the amount of learning time
    • Includes strategies to address the needs of all students in the school, but particularly low achieving students and those at risk of not meeting state standards
    • High qualified teachers in all core content area classes
    • Strategies to increase parental involvement, such as literary services

    School wide programs provide staff and parent involvement in program planning and evaluation.  Additionally, academic involvement, required parent involvement activities and family literacy. 

    Family and School Compact

    The compact describes the role of the student, parent, and the school.  It is distributed the first week of school and is designed to ensure the academic success of the student by ensuring accountability upon signature.  It is created with input from parents and educators and reviewed annually at the Title 1 stakeholders meeting for changes.

    This Title 1 compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement as well as how the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the state’s high standards. It is of the utmost importance that communication between teachers and parents take place on an ongoing basis in the form of conferences and/or progress reports.  

    Title 1 - SOAR Sessions Program

    We will continue to have our SOAR Sessions Program for Reading and Math in the Spring of 2021.Teachers in these courses meet the student’s instructional needs through strategies such as remediation and acceleration using a variety of supplemental activities including, but not limited to GA Milestones Coach resources, USATestPrep, IXL, Study Island, etc.

    SOAR Information Letter

    SOAR Information Letter - Spanish

    Parent Power Series 

    The Parent Power Series consists of two meetings; one in the fall (Digital Learning Night) and one in the spring (Parent Milestone Academy).  They are sponsored by Title 1 and are geared toward informing, empowering and engaging parents in their students' learning process by offering sessions related to technology and preparation for assessments.  

    Resource HUB

    We are open for parents and teachers in Room 602. 


    Monday: 8-1pm

    Tuesday: 10:30-3pm

    Wednesday: 8-1pm

    Thursday: 10:30-3pm

    Friday: 8-1pm

    Or By Appointment

    The resources in our Hub are funded by Title 1 and are available for all of our families and teachers to use. Everyone is invited to stop in and check out any of the items we have that can help our sted. To schedule an appointment or to request more information about our resource hub please contact, Melissa Lohr at lohr.melissa@mail.fcboe.org.


    The Title 1 Program at Flat Rock Middle School strives to meet the needs of its parents and students by offering the following program for students and parents for the 2020-2021 school year:

    • Family Engagement Website 
    • Resource Hub
      • Books and resources for families to check out (all resources can be checked out online)
    • Parent Meetings & Workshops
      • In the community & at the school
    • Phone Messaging
      • An interpreter is available
    • The Week at a Glance
      • Provides updates on school happenings
    • The STEAM symposium
    • Parent/Student Orientation (Spring, Summer and Fall)
      • Incoming 6th grade students and their parents
      • Returning or new 6th, 7th and 8th grade students
    • Summer Bridge Academy
      • Provides Flat Rock students with an opportunity to catch up or get a head start in areas where improvement is needed