• Name Mission/Purpose Faculty Advisor Activities
    Academic Bowl Promotes academic excellence (6-8) Susan Reed and Tonya Ammons Scheduled Academic Meets
    Art Club Promotes artistic creativity (6-8) Candace Matson Meets every other Tuesday of the month after school
    Band Promotes musical ability to perform songs individually and as a group in various styles with specific guidelines (6-8) Matthew Price Students perform concerts, pep rallies, football games, orientations, assemblies, solo & ensembles, etc.
    Beta Club Recognizes academic excellence while learning the commitment to self, school, and community (7-8) Monique Williams and Regina Evans Tutoring Buddies
    Builder's Club  Student led community service organization (6-8) Kristin King Food drives, Clothing drives, etc.
    Cheerleading Fosters sportsmanship and school spirit (7-8) Syntara Tyler and Natalie Hildebrant Daily/Weekly practice to promote school spirit at various sporting events and assemblies
    Chess Club Learning and playing the game of chess to foster critical and creative thinking, flexible planning, and decision-making, analytical thinking and problem-solving. Chess teaches life and character lessons, and it improves concentration, patience, perseverance. Charlie Harper Meet during Club Fridays to learn and practice the game of chess; optional participation in chess tournaments.
    Chorus Promotes singing ability indvidually and as a group (6-8) LaDell Fortune Students perform in concerts, orientations, assemblies, solo & ensembles, etc.
    Computer Science Club Students will create programs through coding and technical engineering Nateil Carby and Ashley Hare  
    Eagle Wings

    Peer Mentors - Mentor students new to FRMS and also mentor younger students as needed with socialization and academics

    Peer Mediators - Student leaders provide their peers with opportunities to work together to promote positive methods of resolving differences

    Dionne Maddox Provide aid to Guidance Department as needed; 7th and 8th grade students are selected based on application, interview, and teacher recommendation.
    FBLA-ML Introduces students to the world of leadership and business with career exploration, community service, computer technology, and immersive educational programs (6-8) Ashley Hare and Nateil Carby Meets monthly on Club Fridays
    Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fosters fellowship among student athletes (6-8) Chris Roberts and Ben Thacker Meets on Club Fridays
    FRMS Rise Raising the standard to empower students to overcome Joanna McMillen Character development, conflict resolution training, service projects, and field trips. Meets after school on Wednesdays.
    Guys Read Book Club Promote and encourage reading among boys by reading books featuring strong male lead characters (6-8) Darrell Hynson Meets every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month during Club time
    Intramurals  Promotes fitness and sportsmanship (6) Melinda White After school athletic opportunities for 6th graders only on predetermined Mondays
    Math Team Students demonstrate mathematical ability through competition (6-8) Monique Williams Meets every Monday at 7:30 am in Room 807
    Mighty Girls Book Club Based on the idea that our girls will be inspired by the girls and women featured in the contemporary middle grade and young adult literature selected. Fabbi Bowen and Monique Williams Meets every 1st and 3rd Friday during Eagle Club time
    Orchestra Promotes musical ability to perform songs individually and as a group in various styles and with specific guidelines (6-8) Michael Thomas Students perform in concerts, orientations, assemblies, solos & ensembles, etc.
    PBIS Ambassadors Students will support the PBIS initiatives in the school and provide positive influence for their peers.    
    Photo Club Students explore personal talents in photo experiences (6-8) Candace Matson Meets every other Tuesday after school
    Robotics Club Participants build and program robots using the LEGO Mindstorms System and compete against other middle schools Darryl Hutchinson  
    Science Olympiad Students demonstrate scientific method and logical problem solving through competition (6-8) Sarah Lasiter Meets on Club Fridays. Practice as needs for scheduled school, county, and regional competitions.
    Spanish Club Promotes Spanish language and culture (6-8) Jacquie Bordon Monthly enrichment activities
    Step Team Fosters sportmanship and school spirit (7-8)   Practice as needed to promote school spirit at various sporting events and assemblies