Starr's Mill High School Athletic Department

  • On behalf of the entire Starr's Mill family and its 800 student athletes, I would like to welcome you to the Panther Athletic link to the Starr’s Mill High School Website.

    All of us at Starr's Mill are extremely proud of the many athletic accomplishments of our teams, our coaches and our individual athletes. We believe that our athletes exemplify all of the requisite qualities inherent in being a true "student athlete." Our philosophy has been and will continue to be one that demands from our students; character, dependability, discipline, responsibility and the ability to put team before self. As educators, we recognize that there are life lessons that can be learned on the fields and courts of athletic competition that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. We also recognize the proper perspective in which interscholastic athletics should be held. There is a reason that the word student comes before athlete in the term; student athlete.

    There are several factors which explain the success that we have had at Starr’s Mill. We have tremendously dedicated coaches and unbelievable parental support. More importantly, we have great young men and women who work very hard. While I am proud of the accomplishments of our teams and our athletes during competitions, I am even more proud of the way that our athletes represent themselves, their school and their families in the classroom and in the community. I believe that Starr’s Mill is such a special place. Please come out and support our Panthers!

    Go Panthers!

    Shane Ratliff 
    Assistant Principal, Director of Athletics