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Tiger Pride: Ross lifts up FCHS family

Fayette County High's Jennifer Ross lifts up her Tiger family as an Exceptional Children's Services lead teacher and coach of multiple sports. 

Ross always planned to have a career helping others. Nursing was an option, but education became the path. Initially, she aimed towards physical education, but plans changed when she took a course on adaptive classes and working with students with disabilities. It was probably her favorite class, and it became her calling.

They’re always happy, wanting to do what you want,” said Ross. “You can’t help but smile and enjoy working with them.”

She also leads the Tigers as the coach of the varsity girls soccer team and boys cross country team.

Soccer has always been in the blood. When her parents signed her older brother up to play, Ross started at 5 or 6 years old and never stopped, even still playing in adult leagues. She learned dedication and discipline and being part of a team.

“It instilled so many life lessons that I wouldn’t trade.”

Soccer took Ross to West Georgia on a scholarship. Coaching was always in the plans. With a background as a goalkeeper, Ross loved the science behind the sport in being able to read the field and predict the action.

A stint as a graduate assistant in college ball was a good sampler that showed her the players didn’t need as much help.

I want to help develop a little bit more.”

In the classroom, development is also the goal for her students. The perfect payoff is when a student really grasps a tricky concept.

That’s the best feeling. That’s what I love.”

Ross recalled a student who was struggling with math when it started to click. The student had Ross call her mom after a quiz grade to tell her what she got.

She couldn’t wait to get home, and she wanted her mom to hear it from me, which I thought was awesome.”

A FCHS grad herself, Ross loves being back home with who she believes are some of the hardest working teachers around.

“Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. It’s a family.”

No matter the Tiger’s stripes, they are all part of the pride.

Our school is very diverse, and the teachers welcome it. That’s what I love about it,” said Ross. “I love walking down our front hallway and seeing all the flags that represent where our kids are from. When they see that, they see this is a home for them.”


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Posted 2/6/2024