1. A bus will take you from Booth after school to the High School that the meet is located.  You must arrange a ride home from the meets.  There will be no bus available to bring you back to Booth at the end of the meet.  All meets that occur on a school night must be over by 7:40pm.  You may leave the meet when you complete your final event.  
    2. An approximate event time schedule is posted on the website along with each meet’s event assignments.
    3. Bring a substantial snack to eat after school, before the meet.  Suggestions:  Cliff Bar, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Banana, Gatorade.  We will not be providing team snacks.
    4. We will provide a cooler of water and paper cups for all meets.  Please make sure all paper cups are thrown away when finished.
    5. Always clean up after yourself.  The high schools are lending us the use of their track and expect it to be clean when we finish with it.
    6. At the meet, you are in charge of listening for your race when it is called.  Know when it is coming up and beginning warming up at an appropriate time.  The coaches will not be finding you and telling you when your race is called.  If you don’t show up for the race, then you miss that event.
    7. We expect all athletes to be on their best behavior at the track meets.  All school rules apply.  You will have some freedom due to the coaches running off the meet.  We expect you not to abuse that freedom.
    8. At all home meets, we will need help with loading and unloading equipment, moving hurdles in between races, and running off field events.  Expect to volunteer for this when you hear the call over the intercom.
    9. Our home base at a track meet will be in the bleachers.  That is where we expect you to be in between your events unless you are helping.  Please do not hang out on the infield.  Also, the finish line area is off limit to athletes.  If you are on the infield warming up, listen for calls.  They will need all in the infield down for the start of some races.  Always be aware when crossing the track.  A race may be going on and you should not interfere by crossing in front of runners.
    10. You must be in your school issued track uniform for your events.  You may wear a black, grey or white shirt underneath your uniform, but if you are on a relay team the entire team must be dressed exactly the same.  Sweats are highly recommended.  You may not need them at the beginning of the meet, but it will get cooler by the end.  You are not allowed to wear any jewelry when participating in a meet.  The only exception is for distance runners wearing a sport watch to watch their lap times.  No crazy socks with your uniform.  Track spikes are allowed for use by the sprinters.
    11. Remember the maximum number of event rule.  You may not participate in more than 4  events.  
    12. If you are running a distance event and you get a popsicle stick at the end of the race, that means the finish line area needs to get your name.  Do not leave.  Report back to the finish line area to give your name and return the stick.
    13. After you run a sprint event, turn around in your lane and report back to the finish line in your lane.  The finish line judge will need to verify that all runners ran in their correct lane.
    14. If you are participating in a field event and you hear another race called that you are running in, tell the adult that is running your field event that you have to leave (checking out), go run your event and immediately return and tell that adult you are there to finish (checking back in).
    15. If you leave your lane during a lane running event you will be disqualified from that race.  If you are running a distance event and run on the paved part of the track, but not inside of lanes 1-8, you will also be disqualified.  A coach must see the lane violation and report it to the finish line in order for the disqualification to occur.
    16. If at any time, you run on the infield next to a runner who is participating in a race, that runner will be disqualified on the basis of “pacing”.